Monday, November 24, 2008

I always knose this..

Here is the result of a poll conducted online-:

Now who wouldn't want to pick that nose!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hot Sizzling Pics of Mallika Sherawat

It all started in a mad rush with me having to leave for the tournament within four hours of my sister’s wedding. I don’t think I managed a proper goodbye either, of which I would have had a lot of chances because on their way to the Andamans, they ( Ro n Arti) had to deplane coz my sister had left her handbag in the terminal. So that basically meant a shorter honeymoon!

I have always been told that Chandigarh is a beautiful and organized city but I never really understood the statement till I was in the city. Beautiful roads, lined by trees on both sides and perfect symmetry maintained with respect to numbering of the sectors gave the city a very elegant touch. It was more like a magnified version of Lutyen's Delhi.

I also bit into a temptation which I had managed to avoid with steadfast resolution. Spent the last few months of college playing flash, using Garry’s scrabble pieces as tokens. so I was all game for it when the guys said “let’s play flash”. It’s only when they asked me to cough up money after giving the tokens did I realize what I had gotten myself into! Unfortunately, I must confess, it was good fun and I was tempted to give it a shot again the next day. Greed is the root of all evil! Something that the tournament director found out to his misfortune :). No wonder then that he took the first flight back home the day the tournament finished!

On tour one gets the opportunity to meet and interact with so many players and other people that you feel you are looking at the start of new friendships.That, I like, for sure.

The week has come to an end and with all the wonderful newspaper clippings in tow, I write this on my way back on the Shatabdi that lets my Data Card access the cyber world with astonishing ease.


Highlights of the week

* Rashid won his third straight title on the National Amateur Tour

* I had a phone conversation with Peter Thomson, five time winner of the British Open

* Apparently ‘cards’ is also played with money!

* Chandigarh is as much Haryana as it is Punjab

* APPARENTLY ‘cards’ is also played with money


While Geroge Bush was saying something on T.V. , my room mate looks at the screen and says-:

“Doesn’t he look a little bit like a monkey”

DUDE! A little?

Anyway, Ab Dilli door nahin.

p.s. there was no other way you were going to read this ;-)

Get Lost you Mallikaphiles.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Of Donkeys and Elephants

Four years ago sitting in the computer lab in college, I still remember how we were desperately hoping John Kerry would pull through and send Mr Bush back to Texas. Unfortunately that did not happen and the world was subject to four more years of Dubya Bush. As Michael Moore rightly pointed out after the defeat in 2004, the only positive that came out of the election was that it would be just four more years of Bush, no more.

But in that election campaign, in the midst of all the sloganeering on a donkey’s back (the Democratic Party’s symbol), there was this young African American chap from Illinois who gave a stirring speech at the Democratic National Convention. There were two lines in that half hour long talk that suddenly waltzed him into everyone’s living room and people started wondering who he was, the man with a Kenyan father and a Hawaiian mother. Incredibly simple yet incredibly powerful-:

'We should not divide ourselves into red states and blue states because we represent the United States of America'

When a man with incredible oratory skills delivers such a line, the world is bound to take notice. Four years later, he has been crowned(?) the President of the U.S.A., a nation state, whose leaders have more often than not caused a lot of heartburn to the rest of the world. While his being elected into the Oval office signals a remarkable wave of change, I only hope that his foreign policies will signal the dawn of a new era.

For too long, men and women in the corridors of power have failed to understand the importance of being a superpower and have successfully ensured that America has been antagonized and used as a rallying point by the fundamentalists to spread their vicious gospel. One can only hope, the 44th President of the oldest democracy in the world brings about real change. For a nation so powerful must learn to lead and facilitate peaceful coexistence.

So, as America goes to sleep with the words ‘Change’ on their lips, I go back four years to use the line that used to fill the air in Democratic rallies with nothing but unabashed (perhaps unsubstantiated) optimism-:

‘Hope is on the way’


Dear Sarah Palin,

Having seen a Russian mountain from the backyard of your Alaska home does not count as foreign policy experience. Please get hold of a visa and travel the world.

Dear Asif Ali Zardari,

I am sorry to inform you that your attempt at trying to floor Sarah Palin with your Cassanovaesque lines will yield no political benefits.

Dear George Bush,

Thank god for small mercies in life.

Dear Katrina Kaif,

You have the hottest nose that I have ever seen on a woman

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Is Mr Genie listening ?

I have always looked at people working at certain places and wondered how it would be to get their job for a day. It's one of those wish for a day things and I suspect it would give you a better perspective of life. No, forget that line, its just for cheap thrills for me, nothing else.

Here is my list of 5 jobs that I would like to have for a day-:

Toll Bridge Attendant: Each day, I cross the same point twice and see the hassled look on the attendant's face making me really want to sit in that booth and try and see how difficult it would be to wear a smile all day. Also, at least once I want to take a 5oo buck note from someone's hand and check it in front of their face to make them realise how terrible it feels.


Auto Driver: Is there a better vehicle in this world that you could drive through all months of the year, except maybe those dirty months of May and June? Of course it won't hurt to drop two beautiful (make that hot) young women to their destination. Sh*t, I think I've jinxed it.. I would probably get to drive around a fat overweight obnoxious man from one end of the city to another all day :(


Steam Engine Driver: At least once if I ever get a chance, I want to be at the head of a train with a steam engine on a longish journey, maybe Delhi to Bombay. Wait, maybe from Bangladesh to Peshawar on a track parallel to the Old Grand Trunk Road


Sandalwood Smuggler: That's just a secret fetish. Shhh, you cannot tell anyone about that! I wonder what it would be like, living in the middle of the jungle, far away from Modern Civilisation, running your own little fiefdom while trying to evade the law enforcing authorities..Srirappan, maybe?


Traffic Policeman: That is something I have always wanted to do, stand at one of the crossings and try and manage the traffic. They are after all the modern day shepherds !


I can probably think of many more but off the top of my head this would be my list of five jobs that I would like to have for a day. Is Make-a-wish foundation listening?