Friday, July 18, 2008

The Beautiful Game


The mobile game was perhaps the only reason I would look back at the first two years of college with any sort of fondness. The many hours spent in class maneuvering the snake through the tiny screen, the high score of 6,500 odd, that amazing conversation with Varuni's brother(Saurabh was witness to that), a play scripted around the phone because of my addiction to snake and the countless hours spent borrowing other phones after I had switched allegiance to Motorola.

Imagine the joy, when I stumbled across "the beautiful game" online.

Almost as good as the traditional Snake with a few changes-:

  • You cannot barge through the wall
  • No Bonus opportunities
  • The quicker the snake eats the food, the more points you get

Other than the few minor differences, it feels almost as good as the real thing. Three levels to suit your style. May I suggest the python as the level where you should be wasting time.

Arrow your way around the screen and spacebar to pause. Most importantly, 'M' to mute. You don't want your boss to discover how you spend time at work. Happy snaking!(no no, not the gujju version)

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