Sunday, September 7, 2008


It has come to my notice that there are a few regular visitors to this blog who come here just to while away time during office hours to play Snake and Copter. It is a serious nuisance for employers and we say....HooHooHaHaHa (Thanks Prerana for teaching me that laff !! )

This here is a game that had picked up quickly but then suddenly got yanked out of my uncle's blog and then people stopped discussing it. On the face of it, Boomshine looks fairly innocuous but has proved to be surprisingly addictive.


  • Click on any part of the playing area
  • Try and create as big a chain reaction as possile
  • Sit back and enjoy the noise made by the bubbles( the high point of this game)


  • There are only so many points you can accumulate
  • Repeat Attempts are allowed
  • Does not help in determining who is the better player
I guess this game is not about competition. Just enjoy the chain reaction


Turn off the music on the bottom right of the main screen before you start playing. It is very irritating and does not sit well with the relaxed 'ambience' of the game.

Special Warning


No wonder then, Addicting Games is the version sponsor for this game


Rifa said...

yeah see, next time you prepared for some irritating music..

Nandita Mathews said...

nothing in comparison to tetris!play that when he calls up rifa.